wow, big fail

First – I am in love with Moroccanoil products. I use the shampoo, regular conditioner and even the hand lotion. Not just the performance… but the scent. oh my. just heavenly. That said – this one is a big NO. Now, maybe I used it wrong – maybe it didn\’t like my styling products… but, I have very thick, somewhat coarse/dry hair. The regular conditioner makes my hair look like a normal person\’s hair – shiny, sleek, manageable. This stuff did just the opposite. Today (washed it last night), my hair is frizzy, stiff and feels like it weighs 10 pounds more than normal. Again – maybe I did something wrong or it didn\’t like the combo of my styling products… but – I\’ll actually be throwing this out (not enough to send back – I bought a tiny bottle). I only leave reviews for the truly great or truly bad…. this was truly bad.