Worth the Crazy Price

I am currently waiting for my second order of this to arrive because I ran out of the first one. Now, I love luxury items, but for the most part I really only buy luxury makeup that I\’m obsessed with. I had high hopes the first time around because of all the Youtubers I watch who were absolutely raving about it (and I wanted to feel super classy and boogie, too, I\’ll admit). To be totally honest, at first I was a little surprised because it wasn\’t as thick as I thought it\’d be. It\’s sort of like a hand sanitizer\’s consistency, like a water-infused gel. You see little gold flakes in every single pump and even tho I would go crazy and use 2-3 for my whole face and neck, you TRULY only need 1, 2 at the absolute maximum, but really one will do the job, just apply it quickly because it does absorb very fast.

Even using 2x too much, if not more, literally everyday, sometimes admittedly twice in one day (I was crazy and I wanted my friends to try it too) the bottle still lasted me about three months, so I\’d say if you conserve you can easily get 6 out of this bottle.

Did I feel the insane lifting and tigthtening everyone\’s talking about at first? Not entirely.
But I did notice that applying it in an upward motion starting at my neck and working up to my forehead made a big difference in the firmness and tightness of my skin.

But what REALLY SOLD ME on this product and is the reason I am REPURCHASING it is actually what I noticed after I ran out. Like I said, I used it obsessively every single day and I got used to it. So when I stopped using it, I realized that my foundation wasn\’t lasting as long and wasn\’t looking as flawless, no matter what other primer I used, or founation, or how I applied it, or how good my skincare was. Finally, I had to admit to myself that it was this extremely expensive item that made my makeup flawless and stay on throughout most of the day.

Sorry for such a long review, I literally never write these, but I also literally never re-purchase luxury items unless they\’re worth it. So the last thing I\’ll say is, I know it seems like an insane purchase, but think about how much money you\’ll save from not having to buy primer after primer when this really does work its magic.

My advice: The perfect combination that I can NOT beat right now (even after trying this primer with Dior\’s Capture Totale which is 83 dollars) is GUERLAIN L\’OR PRIMER and DIOR AIRFLASH FOUNDATION (I am not ultra fair, but fair, and 202 CAMEO is my perfect shade and I\’m telling you, nothing works better with one another than these two products. I literally wish I could like buy samples of them both and send them to everyone reading this because it really is that freaking flawless.

Okay, I\’m done ranting. But if you\’re on the fence, just do it. I really really don\’t think you\’ll regret it. And if you have it and are underwhelmed, try a little test and use this with another primer or no primer on each side of your face with the exact same foundation/concealer/etc. I\’m telling you you\’ll see a difference, if not immediately, by the end of the day.

Hope this helps!!!! LONG LIVE THE MAKEUP <3