wonderfully surprised by how great this stuff is!

Received this in my Play! Box. Mascaras are one of my very favorite cosmetics and I\’m always looking for the next best thing. I try everything that comes down the pike! I was blown away by this one. I honestly didn\’t expect much initially. First off the brush is HUGE! It\’s about 2 times as big as the Diorshow brush. But I love a big brush. They work well with my lashes but it was a little intimidating. I have fairly long lashes and a moderate amount of them, but I go for the extra long look and require a little fattening up of my lashes. I also like a deep, glossy blacker than black shade. This mascara met all my wants & needs. A ton of product comes out on the wand but yet it didn\’t overcoat my lashes to the point of leaving large chunks or clumping them together. One pass had my lashes almost touching my brows. A second coat fattened them up nicely and made them super black. Usually, I\’ll use 2-3 different mascaras (Primer, They\’re Real, topped by UD Perversion) to get them the way I like them. This is the first time I was satisfied with just a solo mascara (not even a primer). It doesn\’t flake, smudge, or flatten my lashes. It\’s not heavy or stiff/crunchy. Just go slow with the wand and you won\’t get mascara where you don\’t want it. I will def buy the full size of this.