wonderful for fair skin, but

Milk Chocolate is wonderful for either contour or for all over warmth for fair skin. My only caution for anyone with fair skin is that if you tan easily in summer, just pick up the medium chocolate shade. About 3 weeks into summer, I noticed my bronzer not doing too much. I swatched it on the back of my hand and discovered that I could almost use the bronzer as a powder foundation! I had to go get the next shade. When I run out of the milk chocolate I don\’t think I\’ll repurchase. I\’m just going to use the medium shade with a light hand. Bottom line, if you know you tan easily and you\’re a pale princess, then just get the medium shade and go light handed. I know it\’s Sephora and it\’s to be expected, but I\’d prefer to not spend that much money on 2 bronzers when 1 would have worked just fine.