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Very disappointed!!! Cakey, large pores

I\’m a huge fan of the YSL Fusion Ink foundation, because I have oily combination skin. I was so sad that it was discontinued, So when I first saw this upgraded version of the fusion ink I was so excited to try it out. It claims that it\’s full coverage and even more long lasting. Sadly, this foundation is nothing like the fusion ink. It\’s not long lasting, dries very quickly on the skin before you can completely blended, does not control oil at all and it became very cakey at the end of the day. I really want to like it, so I try it with so many different primers. Unfortunately, at the end of the day results are the same. I won\’t recommend to people who has dry skin, dry spot or large pores, because it will emphasize all of the problems area even more. Very disappointed! Hope they can bring back the Fusion Ink foundation!!!


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