Understand the Product Before Purchasing

Reading through reviews, I noticed some seemed to have been unsatisfied with the product, so I\’ve put a great deal of time into this review so that you can understand a few things before purchasing so that you will know if this product is for you.

In France, I learned the importance of the Guerlain Météroites brush when using this product. Luckily, when I purchased it there, it came with my Météorites set. Their brush was designed for best use with/of this product and it makes a noticeable difference when picking up the powdered colours and distributing them. Nylon brushes do not pick this product up well as the goat hair brush Guerlain designed for this product. In fact, you should not use a nylon brush with with at all. You\’ll notice that one of the main ingredients in the powder itself is nylon-12 so that it sits on top of the skin instead of being absorbed like certain ingredients used by other companies. If you\’ve ever rubbed nylon against nylon, you understand what this is like.

It\’s also important to note that I\’m very light, fair and I rely heavily on Clair 02/léger iridescent colour correction as gold tones don\’t suit me well and are overpowering for daily wear.

Depending on your complexion needs, it\’s best to try the product first before purchasing (which I understand is hard given most Sephora stores don\’t carry the higher end luxury brands with testers), but if you can, you can try the three possibilities and then compare. The Météorites Line is based on attaining a light, finished iridescent, pearlescent look. The product isn\’t meant to be applied as thickly as a regular powder, either. It should be a light sweep or dusting, otherwise it won\’t look as it is should. If you\’re looking for strong golden tones or bronzed tones in your highlighter/illuminator powder, you\’ll have to look at other products.