Treated my lip problem

For awhile, my lips had been acting up and becoming very dry— to the point where it became flaky. There were times where even layering a bunch of lip treatments would not help. When I cane across this product about a month ago, I saw that it had great reviews and the product was actually a decent price. The first night that I used it, it did completely get rid of my lip problem. However, I did wake up to the flakes on my lips that were there before starting to peel off. About the third or fourth time of using the product overnight, the flakes were completely gone. My lips were soft again. Although the product is meant for using it at night, I like to apply a thin layer on my lips during the daytime. Also, the product smells very good. It almost smells like a fruit but like a flower at the same time? The smell is very sweet. And props to Laneige for providing a silicone applicator— very easy to apply and sanitary.