(Travel Size)

For starters, I hate to say that this IS better than the original BTS Mascara. I have NEVER tried a waterproof mascara because I\’ve been afraid of the formula being irritating to my eyes, or worse, ripping my lashes out when I attempt to remove it.
But to my surprise it is exactly like the original BTS, but I find it to be blacker, give even more curl to my already long/curly lashes, AND it doesn\’t flake or smudge. Everyone says this is more of a wet formula, and I\’ve seen that in ALOT of YouTube videos, but I did not see that when applying the mascara. I don\’t know if it\’s because it\’s a travel size and if that makes a difference. But I plainly don\’t see how it\’s a wet formula. It dries rather quickly just like the original, which I liked it being drier, makes for fluffy lashes (no clump zone)
The packaging is to die for, I love that even on the travel size it has water droplets on it! The applicator wand is the exact same. Over all I love this mascara.
And, for anyone complaining it\’s hard to remove must be a complete dummy, ITS WATERPROOF!! That means it\’s going to take a little more effort & time to remove it. I don\’t have that much difficulty removing it and I don\’t use makeup removers/wipes. I use a paper towel and warm water, gently rub the majority of it off and go in with my Purity Cleanser and it\’s all gone.