This is it!

I am a mask junkie. I have either tried or bought more than I can keep stock of at home, but this mask is an absolute gem. My skin these days is dry, burned, flakey, acne prone. It\’s a combo of poor sleep and acne meds. Anyways, I bought this on a whim online and I\’m absolutely obsessed after one week. Here\’s why:

1. Scent – absolutely gorgeous. Instantly relaxing.
2. Colour – dreamy, relaxing – everything you want in a mask before bedtime.
3. Miracles – I put it on my peeling, red face – a little tingle sensation and then it calms. When I washed it off, redness was almost instantly gone. The only redness remaining was along my jawline where I didn\’t apply it!

The only real downside is it\’s watery consistency, but it\’s a minimal trade off for the incredible results. I will continue buying!! Lovely product!