The only lid primer I will ever use in the future!

Words cannot describe how well this works!! I tested it after spending an entire day at the beach (noon to 10pm) in the sun and sweating and even taking a 3 hour nap with it! No matter what I did, my eyeshadow looked as good as when I had applied it in the morning! I usually get creasing no matter what primer I used so I cannot believe this works so well! I even use it on those obnoxious acne spots that won\’t cover up with concealer to help the concealer stick and it\’s amazing! It also helps concealer stick to the bags under my eyes so that i look amazing all day! I\’ve used the smash box primer before and that one makes my eyes have an allergic reaction and this one doesn\’t at all!! I could not be happier!

My only complaint is that\’s I wish the container was made of a squishy plastic so I could get all the product out. Since it\’s very much like a thick cream, it\’s hard to get it out on the applicator and I have a feeling I will have to throw more than half out which is a total waste. That\’s the only reason I\’m giving it 4 stars. Otherwise in terms of effectiveness it\’s a 5/5!!