the best mascara I\’ve used!!

While the wand could use some improvement and does not do much in terms of lengthening and adding volume, the formula more than makes up for it. This mascara is not waterproof and comes off with ease in water, however it is resistant the the natural oils on ones face that causes mascara to run. This mascara will not budge! Additionally, it does not coat the lashes, but instead \”tubes\” them, meaning that if you wear it to the pool, lake, or beach and unintentionally get your face wet, you won\’t have to worry about raccoon eyes. The mascara comes off in clean tubes that wipe away easily and do not leave black residue on the skin. I\’ve used mascaras under this one too in order to add volume and length and this mascara still fully tubes the lashes to make sure my mascara doesn\’t move all day long. I\’ve also worn it by itself, and with some time and patience, some volume and length can be added, although not nearly as much as other mascaras. Over all, I would say that this is my favorite mascara and the only one out of the dozens I\’ve tried that does not budge- weather I\’m running around from class to class or I\’m at the gym. It\’s an excellent mascara that I highly recommend to any and everyone, except for those who like to pick off their mascara when they\’re bored, nervous, etc. Trying to pick off this mascara does not work, because as I\’ve said, it doesn\’t budge. You will pull out your lashes and your eyes will hurt. Other than that, I 100% recommend this product.