Sweet but light, long-lasting

Because this is a vanilla/musk based fragrance, it is definitely sweet and not \”clean\” smelling like I imagined it would be. However, many vanilla/musk fragrances are often heavy and too sweet. This has just the right amount of musk to feel intimate and just enough sweetness from the vanilla, both balanced beautifully by the jasmine. Interestingly, I don\’t usually like jasmine notes, but it balances out the potential for heaviness in the other notes. It\’s really soft and hazy. I don\’t think \”Saint\” is a good fit for the name, though… maybe a very sexy saint! The musk begs to be closer, it needs skin-to-skin contact. It\’s light enough for day but also sexy enough for night. This could be a go-to signature fragrance for sure. It reminds me a little of JLo\’s Glow but with much more velvety depth. It\’s what \”soft\” or \”gossamer\” must smell like. Thank you to Influenster and Kat Von D Beauty for sending this fragrance to me to try as a sample.