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Sweet and girly

Like a lot of the recent reviews, I got this as a generous trial 5ml gift. Its probably something I\’d have never picked myself (the packaging with the skulls and gothic styling not really being my personal taste)..but it is better than I would have expected. I wanted to form an impression on it before reading the notes and I definitely got a strong vanilla scent from this. Not particularly unique, but it is a nice, girly, sweet vanilla. Undertones of a mild fruity – maybe melon, and a very very hint of some sort of floral. Now reading the description for the actual notes, I feel like I miss out on the nicer parts – I usually love (and own many) fragrances with mandarin, jasmine, tiare – but Im not picking up on any of those myself. Also no musk or plum. Caramel and sandalwood…now I read it, I can detect small hints of those for sure. As far as living up to its \’saintly\’ name – I can see it. The overall impression is very sweet and young. I can\’t say its something I\’d ever wear everyday – but from time to time I do enjoy a sweet girly scent and I will use it on those occasions. Would I buy a full size – probably not, since like I say, I only occasionally feel in the mood for sweet vanilla scents, but I will keep and use it, which is reflective of its \’good\’ rating Im giving it. The best comparison I can think to give is of Vera Wang Princess – it reminds me very much of that.

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