So far, I\’m a fan.

I had soft curly hair as a kid that eventually evolved into lazy waves from years of heat and color during my adult years. I still color my hair, but I now only wash very 1-2 days using Bumble and Bumble\’s Cleansing Cream Duo as a co-wash and let it air dry using B&B\’s Hairdresser\’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer and Don\’t Blow It styling cream. I have found that to be a great regimen for soft and bouncy tresses, but it doesn\’t really do much to enhance my waves.

My hair is a mix of fine to normal with a few thicker strands and I have a lot of it. Curling creams are too heavy which leaves me limited to products like beach sprays, but those always end up leaving my hair feeling crunchy, sticky, and gross.

I bought a trial size of this and B&B\’s Surf Infusion and I tried this one first. So far, my hair is nearly air dried and still soft with a perfect messy/beach wave that I\’ve been wanting. I will try the Surf Infusion the next time I wash and see which one I like better. But I\’m pretty happy with the results of the Wave Spray.

For those who are commenting that it\’s sticky, crunchy, or heavy, there is one small patch of my pair where that is the case. It\’s where I started to spray before noticing the directions said to \”Shake well before using.\” Once I did that, the rest of my hair came out nicely.