Smells great

I would love to give this a better rating, but I just haven\’t seen the results that other people are seeing. I\’ll start with the pros.
It smells great.
It goes on light and you don\’t need much.
I did not break out.
My skin feels very soft after use.
There seems to be a lot in the bottle and you don\’t need to use a full dropper.
Now the cons.
First of all, the cost is outrageous. I might feel differently if it had made a difference in my dark spots, but it didn\’t.
It didn\’t fade my dark circles under my eyes, any facial scars or any other blemishes. I took before and after photos and I used the product night and day for three weeks.

About me:
I\’m a Black 39 year old woman with minimal wrinkles and blemishes. It\’s my opinion that the product did not make enough difference on my face for me to purchase this again.