Smells great, love the shimmer

I know many are saying they don\’t like the scent or that it\’s too strong, but I actually like it. I noticed that when I put the lotion on right after my shower it soaks in better and doesn\’t smell as strong. I have put the lotion on a few times during other times of the day and I did notice the scent was a lot stronger. Also, the scent is very long lasting.

I also love the shimmer in it. It has teeny tiny specks of glitter, but it\’s not glittery by any means. I noticed you can\’t see the shimmer unless you\’re out in the sun and even then it\’s not too noticeable unless you\’re looking closely at your skin.

As for the tightening effect, I\’ve been using this lotion for about 6 weeks and I feel like it has helped a little on my arms. I didn\’t take any \”before\” pictures so I\’m not sure if it\’s all in my head though…lol.

The only reason I take off a star is because of the price. $45 is a lot for a lotion so I\’ve made sure to make it last. I only use this sparingly on my shoulders, arms and chest area and I still have about half left after using daily for 6 weeks. However, if you use this daily all over your body I can see how it would last a lot less. Will I buy this again? Maybe. But it will definitely be during a VIB Sale.