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Shrunk pores, but nothing for dark spots

I\’m on the fence on this. I use it in conjunction with the Caudalie Essence and occasionally use their glycolic peel before or their overnight renewal cream after. I apply it twice a day and in the mornings after I wake up, I notice how even my skin tone looks. However, after I wash the serum off my face so I have a clean slate to prep my skin for makeup, my pale acne-scarred face is back to normal. So in my experience, it seems like the serum acts as a topical diffuser, but I had wanted something with more permanent and lasting results — not something that temporarily makes it \”look\” like my skin problems are solved. However, I have noticed my pores have shrunk, but before that happened, I broke out in small bumps prior to them shrinking. I would definitely recommendr a sample of this before committing to the bottle.


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