Shining, shimmering, splendid

The shimmer shades in this palette are exceptional, probably the most beautiful and the best quality eyeshadows I’ve ever seen. They are highly pigmented, high impact and are very long lasting. They remind me a bit of Makeup forever eyeshadows, only better and more beautiful.
However, in my humble opinion, some of the matte shades in this palette are a little bit on the dry side and a little underwhelming. They swatch fine with fingers but when I use a brush and took them to my eyelids, they are another story. I took off one star because of this. Nevertheless, wetting the brush with a setting spray seems to help bring out the pigmentation tremendously.

There are a few things that I’d like to share.
1. These are very soft eyeshadows, meaning that if you press down and rub on them, you’ll get a big chunk of eyeshadows on your finger which would be a waste of product, (and you don’t want to do that… because… Expensive!) So, I recommend being light handed with this palette.

2. In my experience, the shimmery shades are best applied with fingers. I’ve tried using all sort of brushes, but nothing can quite pack on the colors like my fingers.

3. I always set my entire face with a makeup setting spray as the last step of my makeup application, but the setting sprays seem to dull the vibrancy of the shimmery eyeshadows significantly, so be mindful with this as you might have to go back and touch up on your eye makeup again after applying the setting spray on your face

4. Wet your brush if you find any of the matte eyeshadows to be underwhelming. But don’t dip your wet brush into your extravagant eyeshadows because that might ruin them. Instead, dip your dry brush into the eyeshadow, then, spray the brush.

It is an absolutely gorgeous palette? Yessss. But would I ever recommend anyone to save up to buy this palette? Probably not… because there are numerous of other palettes with similar tones out there that will do the same job. I bought this palette because I’m an avid collector (aka hoarder…) I will buy pretty much anything once. And as beautiful as this palette may be, it did not change my life nor my makeup game in anyway, nor did it replace my other holy grail palettes.
But yes, yes… I won’t deny… I do still love it and I’m sure glad I bought it.