Seriously, it\’s really freakin\’ worth it

I\’m literally almost out of my third jar of this and already anxious to buy my fourth.

I\’ll be completely honest, does it lift and firm and tighten my skin the way people swear it does, not really, at least not for me. Then again, I\’m 24 years old, so maybe someone a little older may notice more of the effects.

What I will say though, and the reason I still gave this 5 stars, is because it is amazing in every other way. The smell is like a coconut-y, but not too intense, sort of tropical vibe type smell, it starts off like a metallic white almost and then turns silver when applied to your face. It is the only Glamglow mask that comes with a brush, and I highly recommend using it. Usually the brushes suck, but it really makes applying it easier, and in my opinion, helps to conserve more of it. I do wish there was an even larger option, because I like to use this at least twice a week, but it still is a pretty good size. I\’d say you get around 10-12 masks if you really are careful.

I also noticed that after removing the mask (use enough, but thin layer so it can dry down fully but still be removed) my skin feels soft and has a radiance to it. It\’s almost like some of the silver tint has melted into my skin, but not in a blinding highlighter way, just a subtle glow. I\’ve also noticed it takes away my redness, which I have a lot of and very bad sometimes.

Above all though, it\’s really just a fun mask. It\’s cooling and when it\’s on, I fan my hand in front of it and it cools my face, which I believe helps to diminish the redness. Smells great, is effective, fun to paint on, fun to peel off. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE