Refreshing and not sticky!

I\’ve only used this product for a couple of days and I already LOVE it. My skin feels so silky smooth and not oily at all. My skin is normally very oily, so I\’m always hesitant when it comes to using any kind of moisturizer on my skin, but this stuff soaks up into my skin and leaves my skin feeling baby skin soft, with no stickiness or tackiness. I\’ve tried many other moisturizers before and they always leave my skin feeling heavy and caked up. I also love it because you barely need any product to moisturizer your whole face. A little goes a long way so I\’m sure that this will last me at least 6 months with every day use! I\’m super excited because I\’m getting married in October and was looking for a good skincare regimen to make my skin look it\’s best for the big day, so I\’m so thankful that I received this product complimentary to test from Influenster! I would highly reccomend!