Out of this world.

This scent is beautiful. Funny story, a year or so ago I was at Nordstrom and came across this fragrance. I initially thought that the bottle was unique, and was just honestly intrigued. Upon the first spray, I hated it. I was overwhelmed with how strong it was. Later on, I didn\’t think much of it. All I can say is that the scent lingered on my body for quite some time but did I think about purchasing this product? No.

Later on, as in just a few weeks ago (lol) I received a sample of this with another order. I smelled it again, and fell in love with it this time. It was weird, I couldn\’t even tell you what changed. Fast forward to yesterday, when I received my 1 oz in the mail. The packaging was beautiful, and I had my first ever Mugler perfume. I showered last night, and smelt the scent in my sleep throughout the night, literally. I woke up this morning, and the scent was still there. Got ready for work, applied vaseline on my wrists and alongside my neck. Now, I am DEEPLY in love with it. I made a Mugler account, and purchased the 3 oz, only because Sephora doesn\’t carry it. If you\’re on the fence about this, use it first. Let it sink into your skin. Let it settle in. I promise, you will love it.