Not worth your money

So I have long thick lashes to start with this does nothing but makes my lashes shorter looking and clumpy. There\’s so much product on the wand that you have to try to scrap it off, the wand was way longer than necessary which i didn\’t like and also it seem really wet and watery like someone poured eye drops in it or something. As soon as you put it on no matter how careful you are or how much produce you try to wipe off the wand it gets super clumpy with just one coat. On the bright side it is really dark black but your pretty much paying for clumpy, watery, dark black mascara which in my opinion the blackness isn\’t worth the almost $30 you pay. I had the Dior addict it-lash mascara before this and i 100% liked it better than this i will definatly be exchanging The Dior Blackout Mascara for it.