Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Nice and Clean

Having curly hair I\’m always looling for the perfect scalp scrub/exfoliant. I absolutely loved the Ouidad Mediterranean Bay leaf scrub that\’s sadly been discontinued. I\’m now a big fan of the Keranique scalp exfoliating scrub, but the price is a bit high. I\’ve been eyeballing this scrub for a while and finslly decided to give it a shot.

Where the Ouidad and Keranique scrubs came in tubes this came in a tub. The Ouidad and Keranique scrubs were thinner consistency with small grains/beads. This product is THICK. Like…paste. The grains are VERY large and that\’s my sole complaint. While scrubbing they fell tended to fall off my fingers more than get to my roots so I coule scrub. (But that could be because I have super long, thick, curly hair.)

It didn\’t take a ton to do my entire scalp though and I was SUPER surprised (pleasantly) to find it lathered when I wet my hair to do a second scrub!

It left my hair super clean but not stripped. The smell was pleasant and mild. And the price is on par for what I paid for the other brands. All in all I would repurchase and recommend it for my curly haired friends! 🙂


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