Naturally Beautiful Lashes

I wanted a new mascara after my go to was discontinued and Sephora had a test kit with 5 high end brands that included a voucher for the mascara you like the most. This was the surprise winner, for me. I have long eyelashes. Average thickness. I had never even considered this because of the wand. I normally go for the thick (Urban Decay Perversion type) wands that really grab and layer on the product. This wand is gentle in comparison but it is super efficient. It works into every little hair and coats evenly. I think that is why this is the first mascara I\’ve ever used that really is clump proof with patient application. No flaking. A bit of transfer after 6-8 hours because I wear sunscreen but minimal compared to others. I love how a quick coat or two gives my lashes a natural look with volume the roots and a nice tapered end. The thick blocked off tarantula leg tips on eyelashes are a pet-peeve, for me. I really didn\’t expect the \”vitamin enriched formula\” to pay off but after using this for the last month my lashes are getting a little thicker. I can see how this would not work for anyone with lashes on the shorter side. It really isn\’t a dramatic mascara. You aren\’t going to get false lash thickness or super extended length but if you\’re going for natural at it\’s best, this is something you should try.