Okay, I am no beauty guru. I am just an average girl who found her go-to lipstick and I feel 100% when I use it. When this product released, I rushed to the closest Sephora. I bought the \”I\’m addicted, I woke up, and I want\”… and no joke. I tried these three colors for about a week and literally, WOKE UP, ADDICTED, and WANTING every freakin\’ color!!!! Although some may say, not enough product… a little goes a long way and SAY LESS…It\’s refillable for $22, which is NOT bad for a luxurious product. The formula for this lipstick is definitely top quality and the packaging is a show stopper. All the girls be staring at me in the bathroom when I bust out my Ultra Slim High Intensity lipstick.

So, really… go do yourself a favor and pick yourself one or two or three like I did!! LOL