This foundation is extremely good, no matter the skin your in oily, dry & combo. If you do ur make u CORRECTLY this stuff is super amazing also the texture of ur skin may have its tricks too but if u practice ur make up & learn to do it RIGHT u will love this too everyone has to work with there own skin make sure u ALWAYS moisturize & a setting spray works best to keep it locked but it\’s not necessary my skin is oily on most days but I get dry and during the year I have my good days with the not so much of both but I always prep my skin & depending on how my face feels I have to do my make up differently & since I have rather large pores I have to use a very fine brush to apply the product on over my primer (LancĂ´me visionnare 1min blur correcter) to make sure it DOES NOT sink into my pores & make me have to apply more with that single coat over my face it\’s perfect & it last all DANG day I usually seal it with a translucent setting powder & a spray & boy this foundation is LIFE even on hot sweaty days.