mixed thoughts but worth it

let me just say I absolutely hate the smell of this. I\’ve used other blue tansy products so I\’m not sure what it is but this to me smells straight up like Jack Daniels. not sure why or how and I\’m sure I\’m the only one but it does. having a horrible college experience with Jack Daniels, I wasn\’t able to use this oil for a long period of time since the smell makes me nauseous. BUT! this is the ultimate skin irritation savior. it is amazing for any kind of acne and it does absorb into the skin with some time. I had used a mask that started making me break out immediately after I rinsed it off. I decided to apply this heavily to my face and massage it into the affected area. after about a couple hours the irritation and bumps were 70% gone and by morning they were completely gone without a trace. I will be keeping this in my arsenal without a second thought. if you have any kind of acne or easily irritated skin, this is a must!