mixed feelings?

I\’ve been using this on/off since 2014 and I\’m not sure whether or not to give it 3 or 4 stars. I feel like my early issues with it came from me not knowing how to properly use it. Also, I have incredibly oily and sensitive skin (I\’m talking like most makeup oxidizes on my face and melts off my face within an hour or two) and it takes a lot of trial and error to get things to work. I think that if I managed to figure out how to use this and get decent results on my face–then most people will have no problem with it. Which is another reason I didn\’t know how many stars to give it. Anyway this is what I\’ve learned:
1. if you use a primer with this, it\’ll be way more effective. The setting spray doesn\’t really dry out skin (many of my friends who have different skin types agree with me on this), so use a primer that is specific to your skin type and you\’ll be fine.
2. if you use the setting spray after you put on foundation but before you put on concealer or any of your other steps, it\’ll make your base a lot stronger. Then after you put on concealer, bronzer, blush, or whatever you do, use it one more time as the final lock in.
3. WAIT UNTIL EVERYTHING ON YOUR FACE IS FULLY DRY BEFORE USING IT AND GIVE THE SPRAY AT LEAST A MINUTE TO DRY. It really helps to avoid any potential smearing and the spray works better.

I find that this will get you the most out of this setting spray. Otherwise it doesn\’t really seem to do anything. It\’s not a holy grail for me, it\’s just more like I haven\’t found anything better. My skin is so oily that this will only keep me matte for about four to five hours, but my makeup does stay on. I wish it were more effective and kept me matte for as long as it says it will, but oh well. It doesn\’t dry me out, make me break out, and it\’s so much better than everything else.