Miracle Primer

I had forgotten about this jewel. Years back I used it and loved it but wanted to try other primers, tried many and was never happy then I went on line to read reviews and remembered about how good this one was. Bought it again and I am so glad I did. My search is over, once you figure out how to use, it works very well. It fills the pores and makeup goes on very well, I use a tiny flat plastic spatula I got at a make up counter and apply it like patty smoothing it then using my fingers to finish spreading it, wait a few seconds and done, I even use it to smooth the lines under the eyes and small wrinkles around lips, you can build it. I have large pores and never found anything to help, this is the best I have found, a little goes a long way, and you can add more if you want. It seams heavy like a cream but if you just scrape a little with the spatula and apply a little a a time is wonderful and it should last you forever