Miracle in a Jar

I used another product and basically gave myself a chemical peel without really wanting one. It was a total accident. About a week later I noticed I had a horrible acne type breakout. I haven\’t had acne ever so I was freaking out. I had totally abused my skin for a week. (I used to work as a makeup artist so I know my stuff). I had a deluxe size of this product and decided to only use it on the breakout area. So I took a small (new and cheap) makeup brush and after cleansing my skin applied this with the brush only to the area that was broken out. I did this ever night for three nights and within four days everything was gone. I have one tiny spot left that is red and healing but I couldn\’t believe how quickly this cleaned things up. I will keep this handy from now on in case I have the occasional outbreak pop up because I think for a regular outbreak this would clear it up over night.