Mega Volume

I have baby fine, medium-length, color-treated hair with scalp/hair that tends to get oily at the roots after 12-24 hours. I can say that this product absolutely does deliver volume unlike anything else. It really works, a tiny amount of product will suds into a HUGE lather and a jar will last a very long time. All great things! I did not use the CR conditioner with this product and instead have used Alterna, B&b and Oribe conditioners afterwards with great results. Oh, and the B&b Primer works fab after this too!

There are three bummers for me with this product…

1) If you use the Christophe Robin Shade Variation wash-in color conditioners, you can\’t use the volumizing paste in my opinion. If you use Shade Variation the day before, the volumizing paste with remove all the wash-in color completely (it does not remove or strip salon color and is safe for professionally colored hair).

2) Second, if you put the Shade Variation on after the volumizing paste, it will flatten your hair and you\’ll loose the volume you just washed in.

In my opinion, those with fine hair need to pick one or the other of these two CR products.

3) The third bummer, is that it can make your hair dry. Not in a bad way, but not in a particularly good way either. The first time I tried the volumizing paste, I followed the directions to the letter, letting it sit on my hair for two minutes. The second time around, I left it on for only one minute and I liked the results a whole lot more. Still had crazy good volume, but it was not so dry and my hair felt and moved better. I think if you play with it, you can customize the application to find what works best on your hair.

Something I really do love about this product is that you don\’t have to use it everyday to keep the volume. I use it about every three days and my hair is overall a million times fuller, even on off days.

It seems like by cleaning the scalp and the hair shaft really well, the oils in your scalp are kept at bay longer and hair resists going flat. My hair is also not as greasy the next day. Unlike others, I can\’t go a day without washing, but this definitely has reduced the oil on my scalp significantly and that\’s a huge plus for me.

Would I purchase again? Yes. The results are just too good and I like this product a lot for days when I have an important meeting at work, a date or for events where I need to look more pulled together with fuller hair.

I\’m going to give up the Shade Variation conditioner. In my opinion I can\’t use both and get my money\’s worth. If someone else can share how to use both of these products together successfully, I\’d love to learn how to do that, so please share in the reviews if you\’ve been successful with that. I\’d like to be able to use both and overall love CR products.

BTW, If you have not tried the CR Prickly Pear shampoo and mask, I recommend those highly. Once a week application of the mask has changed the condition of my hair and given me more healthy length to my hair. The shampoo is great for days when you are not using the Volumizing Paste and it makes fine hair shine and bounce!