Long lasting, vivid color

I had to leave a review after having put this on before work at 7AM and having to wipe it off with cold cream (even after showering) at 12AM. THAT is lasting power. I ate two meals, went to the beach, drank loads of water, and it never came off. It\’s amazing.

Pros: the color lasts all day, the color is vivid, it doesn\’t dry out, the liquid glides on easily. I am able to use this without the precision lip liners fairly easily after some trial and error.

The only con I found was the applicator. It\’s not the worst, but it is definitely a learning curve. Be sure to swipe off any excess liquid before applying to avoid any mistakes. As I mentioned before, it takes a little work to remove so erasing mistakes can be a bit tough.

I own Under My Thumb and Rock With You for now, and plan to add more to my collection.