Lazy Day Savior

Background: I received this product for free to test. I have color-treated, stick-straight hair. I shower every day, and I blow dry with a round brush every day.

First Time: I used this product the first time, rinsed out the product almost all the way (no more \”greasy feeling\” in my hair), did not dry my hair but scrunched instead. I looked super frizzy once it dried. Thumbs down.

Second Time: I decided my hair was the problem and got a hair cut. I used the product again and this time did not rinse until it was all out. Scrunched and went on with the day. I felt a lot better about my look.

Continued Use: For the next couple of days using the product, I decided to blow dry slightly to give my hair my body. For stick straight hair, I think that scrunching alone will not give you enough body. The product is a real time-saved though since I\’m no longer blow drying for tons of time, and no longer using a round brush just to get a little volume and body. Thumbs up!

Downside: Because you don\’t rinse the product out all the way, my wet hair covered in product laying against your neck and upper back have been slowly breaking out. I\’m thinking the wet/greasy product-filled hair is causing this. Darn.