It\’s Pretty Good BUT

It\’s pretty good but it\’s streaky. I saw swatches on Temptalia website and as she stated they are patchy on some of the colors so when buying I chose a color that was more opaque in general; the color Under My Thumb. It\’s a red color which applies evenly on my dark skin.

It\’s thin almost water like but packs good color depending on the color you choose. There is a very faint vanilla scent but it\’s very faint.

This does not dry all the way down and I am okay with that. It dries to a matte appearance and is light weight on my lips, doesn\’t pull or tug on the lips or sit in the lip lines. I like the applicator; it\’s short and sturdy and PERFECT for this kind of runny liquid. Now while it\’s runny it\’s not a messy runny just thin.

It holds up well even after drinking coffee but while eating my fruit I had to touch it up after HOWEVER I didn\’t mind it because the formula is really nice and lightweight AND easy to reapply without feeling thick so you can layer this baby up! It\’s not drying at all, I can wipe it off with a Kleenex and it comes off without leaving my lips super dry.

As of now my only con is that it doesn\’t dry all the way down but I think it\’s a great formula. It\’s lighter than ABH while appearing like KVD but lighter on feel like Sephora brand and wears almost identical to Smashbox Liquid Lips. I would definitely say choose your color wisely but I think it\’s worth it\’s price considering it\’s NARS although they could have brought it on at about $20