I\’m never looking back.

I never do reviews, but always read them so I hope this helps someone. I\’ve had horrible skin my whole life and used to hide it with makeup. It\’s an awesome sensitive mix of oily and dry that is extremely acne prone. After having my son last year, my skin got as bad as it\’s ever been and I knew I had to do something. I spent hundreds of dollars on high end oils and creams that did nothing and received this as a sample in one of my packages. The sample alone lasted me two weeks and cleared my skin up amazingly. It dried out my pimples without drying out my face and left me so soft. I bought the full size and have had it for almost 6 months and it looks barely used and I used it once if not twice a day. A little definitely goes a long way. If you ever had problems with your skin, I highly recommend trying this out. My only con is when travelling, make sure to wrap the product really well (maybe put some cling wrap or something under the pump) because it will leak a little.