I\’ll use this FOREVER.

Hooo-leee, this is so good! I\’m from Japan and this is EXACTLY what I\’ve been looking for. It\’s a bit hard to find something like this in the North America. Thank you for making this, Tatcha!! I will use this FOREVER.

It feels somewhat similar to SKII essence but much better – clean, cruelty-free, smells good, and WORKS. I\’ve never used anything like this before that plumps up my skin instantly. You will know it right away! It sinks down into the skin and hydrates as if I\’m swimming in the water. I was quite amazed by it when I used it for the first time. If there is a bathtub full of this essence, I will jump right into it and soak myself aaaaaal day. I wish!

Price-wise it is very expensive (which was the reason I was holing off way too long), but it worth every penny in my opinion. I\’m over 40 with dry skin, so once I feel it I know this is the one. Highly recommended!