I finally understand

I finally understand what a \”proper\” purge is. Whenever trying new skin care products, I would read \”the product made me breakout at first, but this is normal!\” to which I would always scoff. If a new product made my sensitive skin breakout in new places that weren\’t previously irritated, than that new product was not for me and it was only making my sensitive skin worse.

So of course, after purchasing U.F.O. I was awaiting the purge. And it did happen, but this time, it was different. Rather than making me breakout in new places on my face (the telltale sign of irritation from a bad product) this product made me breakout in places where I had been trying to clear my under-the-skin congestion for months. These weren\’t new breakouts, they were irritation bumps that finally, after months of different products, reached the skin and were treated, medicated, and properly healed.

When applying, the oil absorbed into my skin quickly, leaving only a slight slick feeling. The smell is certainly there, but absolutely not the worst.