Hum Nutrition Daily Cleanse < Accutane

I have extremely hormonal cystic acne. In the past i\’ve gone to the dermatologist and i\’ve used retinol serums but discontinued using it because its not suggested to use retinol in your early 20\’s.

Once my body was cleansed of the retinol my face broke out EVERYWHERE. I couldn\’t keep my acne under control and decided to go to the dermatologist again. I was suggested to go on birth control that was aimed to help with my acne and Accutane. I decided not to go on Accutane due to the side effects such as depression,nausea, etc and going on birth control would have doubled those side effects so i needed an alternative method to Accutane.

i stumbled upon the Daily Cleanse Hum supplement pills, i gave it a chance cause what could possibly go wrong? i would have just returned them and searched for another solution.

I will just say, being on birth control + the daily cleanse has cleared my skin so much.I\’ve been using them for 1 month, I take 1 pill only at night (first week was 2 a day) and so far the results are AMAZING.. I\’m confident enough to leave my house with no makeup on and my skin is incredibly smooth. During my time of the month i do get 1 or 2 pimples but its a huge difference from my pizza face before.

The pills are on the larger side but i haven\’t had any problems taking them and no bad after taste. I pick these pills over Accutane any day.