How I Get No Fallout

This is a very pretty pallet if you know how to use it right. I have Sephora Pro brushes and a light touch on the pan going from top to bottom of the small eyeshadow pan does the trick. I don\’t notice a lot of extra eyeshadow powder on the pan, nor do I notice fallout on my face. Make sure the bristles are clean and soft.

I mix these with my Naked 2 pallet to get a neutral fresh look with light rouges and and glistening light browns or just just all the tones in in the ABH Modern Renaissance pallet when I want more crimsons, reds and burnt oranges. I have Amber/Tan skin with hints of medium tones.

I use Make Up Forever HD 445 if that helps to see my skin tone and imagine the description on the pallets agains my skin. Blending is key with this pallet. It will always turn our right if you have good brushes, and blend.

I don\’t spend more than 15 mins on my face, from washing, moisturizing, light foundation and eye makeup – and this pallet is still able to keep me under my 15 mins.