Hooked AF

I honestly walked by the display and rolled my eyes laughing at the fact Kat Von D made a perfume line & was charging as much as she was for a bottle. I continued walking towards my usually go tos, the bottles I would totally pay $80 for when I somehow just found myself back and just had to at least smell the perfumes. Sinner wasn\’t really for me but when I sprayed Saint on one of the long strips of paper I just could not stop smelling the strip as I walked around the store contemplating whether or not I liked it. Clearly I did not like it, I was hooked and obsessed. I purchased her largest bottle & walked out feeling like I was victorious. Will update once I wear to event or such but I don\’t know what anyone is complaining about. The scent is sweet and playful but not at all over baring. I do not smell this vanilla, it reminds me more of passion fruit.