Holy grail of dry shampoos, y\’all

This stuff. Wow. Just wow. I work super early mornings and often times don\’t feel like getting up earlier to wash my hair before work, so dry shampoo is a must have in my routine. I\’ve tried high end products, cheapo drug store ones, and all of them in between, and nothing — I repeat NOTHING — compares to this product. It is a lightweight dry shampoo so it doesn\’t leave your hair feeling overly texturized or powdery and it absorbs quickly and perfectly. You might have to take a few extra tries to have it absorb entirely, but when you do it leaves your hair looking perfectly clean and voluminous. Yes, there is a scent to it, but I love the smell of it. It\’s almost like a floral smell but isn\’t even the worst dry shampoo I\’ve tried as far as potency goes with the smell. When I first used this product I didn\’t wash my hair for five days because this stuff worked that well!! I even had customers at my coffee shop complimenting my hair saying it looked fantastic — I told them the secret… I hadn\’t washed it in five days! Ha! Seriously buy this stuff! You won\’t regret it!