holy grail for my adult acne prone/problem skin

Girl…..its worth the hype. It\’s worth the money. I\’ve tried the Sephora dupe. It\’s. Not. The. Same. I actually discussed this with a Sephora skincare consultant…and she felt the same way and told me that if you have more \”adult\” (Cough older….I\’m 32) skin that still has problem areas, the glamglow one will work better for you than the Sephora. I wanted to love the Sephora one, because this is not cheap, but when it comes down to it my skin feels softer after using this one, my pores feel cleaner and tighter, and overall my skin just feels 100x more healthy and clear after I use this mask. I\’ve been using it for two weeks now and I have a visible reduction in small pesky bumps that I have had since I was a teenager. No, it\’s not a miracle cure and will not fix a pimple on the spot, but it def makes it go away faster. Also….my nose has been ridden with blackheads for years. This ERASES them. And makes the pores smaller. I honestly can\’t say enough about this mask. I loved it so much I bought the glamglow supermud cleanser also….which is much more affordable…and I have legit noticed a difference in my skin that no other expensive cream/mask/top notch salon facial has been able to give me.