Had helped to treat my dry sensitive skin

I have been looking for a product that would help my dry skin but would not affect my sensitive skin (in a bad way). The skin around my lips had been severely dry, flaky, and had dry scaly bumps on it for the longest time. The skin around my lips would also often swell up even when I did not touch it. I was desperately looking for a skin product that would help my skin problem— then I came across this. I saw that it was good for sensitive dry skin and contained argan oil. When I looked the at the reviews, many had said that the product helped their dry skin and their sensitive skin did not react to the product in a bad way. I decided to stop by Sephora and order the 0.5oz argan oil bottle ($16.00) to see if it would help my skin. My first impression on it was that it really did not affect my sensitive skin. It was also very moisturizing for my dry skin as well. By the time I had finished the bottle, the dry skin around my lips were almost gone. I\’ve been using this product for about 3 months already, and my skin around lips have completely healed. The swelling as also disappeared. Also, the product does not smell strong. It has a very light smell to it and does not smell like perfume or a strong floral smell.