Great Volume Mascara

I have been using this mascara for a little over a week and it\’s slowly becoming one of my favorites. One coat makes my lashes full on long. I have fallen asleep with it on and it doesn\’t flake at all. I have long thin blonde lashes and this makes them really dark and full which is exactly what I look for in a mascara. You don\’t need more than one or two coats because it can very easily make lashes a stick together and from there it takes a lot of work to separate them. I live in south Texas where is has been in the 100\’s and really humid but this formula does not run or transfer onto my skin. I have even worn it to work out and it still looks great when I get home. I highly recommend it! I was able to try this mascara for free to review and all opinions are my own. I don\’t find good mascaras often so I\’m glad I was able to try it out. The tube is huge so I image it won\’t dry out very fast either.