great results!!

I had been desperately looking for something that would clear out my acne. I am 25 years old and put way too many products on my face (anti aging products, treatments, masks, oils, makeup), so I think my problem is probably more of clogged pores (and too much chocolate!) with occasional hormonal breakouts.

I noticed suchhhh a difference the morning after I wore this for the first time: my flared breakouts had calmed down and started to slowly dwindle in the next days. The first week of using it made me feel very insecure though because my skin started to purge really badly, but all of my breakouts are now just spots underneath my skin and they\’re no longer bumpy or swollen.

The product is oily but I appreciate it now that my breakouts started drying (I have very very oily skin usually, so don\’t be turned off by it being an oil product). I can understand why so many people dislike the smell of this but it has grown on me. It smells better than Luna at least! (After using biologique recherche P50 everything smells like roses to me) Anyway, small price to pay for such a great product. It is expensive, but I use three drops each time so it will last a while.

Annoyed at Sephora for not sending me the samples I ordered with this, though. Sorry for the tangent, just had to get it out of my system 🙂