Great product, natural tan.

I have olive skin and I prefer I nice dark tan. I used to go with Loving Tan, but I found I had trouble blending it into my ankles, feet, hands and elbows. It was a great dark tan, but you could tell I had tanner on.

This one did not give me a dark tan. But it did give me a nice natural tan. Definitely a few shades darker than my natural color. I\’m going to try and build it up over the next couple of days for a wedding.

I took the mitt and applied on all parts of my body except my hands and feet. For those I used a kabuki brush with a small amount of product and worked it in. There are NO streaks, patchiness, or any indication that I have tanner on. It dried pretty quickly upon application. Only after the 4-5 hour mark I started to a smell a little (not bad). Overall this is great. Hopefully I can build it up more.