Great Product & Deal

Upon first glance, you probably thought something along the lines of, \”What? An eyelash curler for $18? That\’s ridiculous!\” Now, I don\’t shy away from spending ludicrous amounts of money on makeup, but to me, and eyelash curler seemed something I could buy inexpensively.

I\’ve spent such a long time just buying cheap eyelash curlers from the dollar store and rarely ever using them because they either a) don\’t work well or b) are an inconvenience to use. So finally, I decided to get it over with and spend some inevitable money on an eyelash curler.

I\’m not saying this eyelash curler is a godsend or anything, but I am saying it\’s a very nice product and definitely worth the money. The packaging and product itself feel very sleek and heavy, much unlike the kinds you buy from the dollar store.

It curls my lashes well and doesn\’t take much time to do so. Not to mention, tarte is 100% cruelty free and this comes with a sample mascara (that I just so happen to love!).

I only give it a 4/5 because if I\’m not careful, I can pinch myself with the curler and it hurts like heck. I find that this is not an uncommon problem with eyelash curlers, but a problem nonetheless.

Overall, I\’d say this product is definitely worth the money!