Great formula-more like a lightweight lip stain

When I went to my local sephora, I noticed that NARS at sephora was having a launch party of these. I heard about these a few weeks ago and I loved the shade range. What I didn\’t know was that they came out today in store. I tried on starwoman which the nars sephora rep told me its a liquid lip dupe of their cruella velvet matte lip pencil. It\’s a beautiful seductive scarlet red that\’s great for fall, too deep for summer though so I got american woman instead which is a more seasonally appropriate nude pink (pinkier chestnut rose, pinkier on me than kat von ds Lolita). I love the formula as I don\’t feel anything on and I love the unique wand tip that easily lines and fits in my inner corners of my lips. One thing I don\’t like is it\’s not completely transfer proof but it\’s minimal (cause it has moisturizing oils in it-provides great hydration) and I enjoy that it doesn\’t smear all over my face when I take it off cause of it like other brands of liquid lipsticks *coughkatvondcough* and the color fades from my inner lip line over time instead of crumbling off in patches leaving an obvious bare line. Can\’t wait to get the deeper shades for fall!