Great for Body & Hair

So I am currently 5 almost 6 months pregnant and was wanting a body oil that was lighter than Bio-Oil that i could use in the morning without ruining my work clothes. I haven\’t gotten any stretch marks yet, but my skin was itchy and tight and i wanted to begin using an oil to help alleviate that. This has been perfect, while I can post a follow up review in a few month to see if I truly get stretch marks this has been great so far. It smells AMAZING and leaves my skin supple all day.

Now for the hair, my ends are severely dry (thanks to a toner happy hair stylist) so I figured why not try this for my ends as well. While I do love how soft it makes my hair, it DEFINITELY delivers and luminosity factor which on me makes my hair look kind of greasy. So what I do is use this when I shower in the evening leave it in my ends overnight and my hair feels soft the next day and doesn\’t look like I\’ve been rolling my ends in highlighter.