Great Daily Cleanser for Oily/Breakout-Prone Skin!

I\’ve been searching for a daily cleanser that was gentle enough not to irritate my skin or worsen my breakouts ever since I was about 17 – and I\’ve found it!

I\’ve been using this cleanser for about four months and it\’s the best one I\’ve ever had! My skin is breakout-prone and oily, but this is gentle enough not to strip my skin and leave it irritated, plus it removes my makeup and smells amazing 🙂 I have yet to buy the larger size, mostly because the trial size is much easier to travel with, but I\’m sure they work the same.

For those with the same skin as me who are interested in my current routine: I use this cleanser twice a day, spray my face with Caudalie\’s Grape Water afterwards, and use Clinique\’s spot treatment for any breakouts I have before using Caudalie\’s Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. I\’m still in search of a toner, but the Caudalie Grape Water spray is great so far!

I hoped this helped someone!